My first book is here!

“How to Sell your Art” went up on my shop a few days ago—here are a few reader responses.

After two months of staring at my computer, writing non-stop, and leaving my poor sketchbook untouched, I’ve released my ebook titled “How to Sell Your Art: A Guide to Succeeding as an Artist in the Digital Age.” This is my first time sharing my writing on such a large scale. I’m much more comfortable writing a 50-word caption than an 8,000-word guide (who isn’t?) but this was a rare opportunity for me to explore what it means to work and live as an artist, delving deeper into my subject matter than ever before.

It’s impossible to talk about the business side of art without touching on the emotional side of it as well. Being an artist is the foundation of my identity and it plays a role in everything I do. That’s more than I can say about the other jobs I’ve worked—like scooping ice cream or bagging groceries. So I wanted the guide to encapsulate all aspects of artist life, from logistical to spiritual and everything in between.

I wrote this book to encourage other aspiring artists. In turn, they’ve reached out to encourage me! That’s what I love about the art community—everyone supports each other. It’s just a never-ending cycle that lifts everyone up.

Here are some reviews I’ve received so far. I’ve linked to everyone’s pages if you’d like to check them out!

Photo by  Alex Zimmermann

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing so much knowledge and tracing a North for my project. It is very good to be able to listen to the experiences of another person who has gone before me the same way that I will go. This will be (seriously) my bedside book in 2019.

Giancarlo Diniz

I bought your book a couple of hours ago and figured I'd read a page or two and then get back to work but could not stop reading it, so now I'm here emailing you! Thank you SO SO much for writing about your journey and being so upfront and honest about it. Being a freelance artist can be very isolating and I could relate to each and every word in your book, the financial struggle, thinking of giving up, struggling with social media, undervaluing your work, all of it. Your words have been so encouraging.

Aleena Zaidi

It’s a great read: informative, practical, funny, honest. I didn’t buy the book because I’m planning to become an artist, but simply because I was curious and I wanted to support your work…I relate to a lot of what you’ve shared about yourself. Your story is amazing! Thank you for sharing, creating, continuing. Very cool.

Susanna Elo

Just read this brilliant ebook by @bryanthegirl and loved it. I can whole heartedly recommend it to any of my creative pals! In fact, anyone who is looking for honest advice, and lessons learned, about being a creative and freelancer in the era of social media. 

Ian K Grantham

It's a compact guide with a lot of helpful tips for everyone who's starting an art career. 
What I liked most is that she's not writing a lot of useless chunck but gets straight to the point. If you don't know how to start that's the book for you! I will definitely follow most of her tips! 

Alex Zimmermann